Power Transformers

Our experienced specialists can perform the following diagnostic measurements on 400kV/150kV/33kV/20kV Transmission, Generation, Distribution and Renewable energy power transformers according to IEC 60076-1 and to Dry-type transformers according to IEC 60726:

  • tan delta (dissipation factor) measurements of the insulation capacitances.
  • Insulation resistance measurements of the insulation capacitances
  • SFRA measurements.
  • DFRA measurements
  • Excitation currents measurements
  • Transformer Ratio measurements and vector group verification.
  • Winding static resistance measurements
  • OLTC dynamic resistance measurements (DRM)
  • Short-circuit impedance measurements
  • Core / Yoke insulation measurements
  • Transformer Oil laboratory and electrical tests
  • Operation tests on transformer protection elements (Bucholz, silica gel, pressure relays, thermometers, etc)

Additional works on power transformers:

  • Transformer repairs
  • OLTC maintenance
  • Transformer Bushings replacement