HV and MV Equipment Diagnostics

Our long-term experience as well as our specialized equipment allow us to give reliable solutions on our customers’ problems.

Reliable diagnostics on HV and MV equipment allow us to accurately asses their exact deterioration rate. As a result, our customers have adequate time for decision making when a problem occurs. Aditionally, diagnostics allow the implementation of  Condition Based Maintenance schedules instead of Time Based Maintenance schedules, prioritising on the equipment that need attention. The undesired are minimized and the operating time is maximized.

We offer a complete series of  tests for every individual equipment of a HV or MV installation.

We perform diagnostic measurements acording to the latest versions of the international standards for:

  • HV and MV Power Transformers,
  • HV and MV Voltage measuring Transformers,
  • HV and MV Current measuring Transformers,
  • HV and MV Voltage Circuit Breakers,
  • HV and MV Disconnectors and Grounding Switches,
  • Undergroung Cable Networks
  • Rotating Machines
  • Protection Relays.