Underground cable networks

Cable diagnostics in MV underground cable networks according to IEEE 400.2 and IEC 60502:

  • VLF testing on cable insulation.
  • tan delta loss factor measurements.
  • Partial discharge Inception voltage (PDIV), Extinction voltage (PDEV) and PD level-quantity measurements.
  • Partial discharge source localization (PD mapping).
  • Partial discharge Phase Resolving Pattern analysis (PRPD)

Cable fault location in LV, MV and HV underground cable networks. Location of insulation and protective sheath (jacket) faults:

  • Cable Insulation and protective sheath testing and fault analysis.
  • Application of  Fault Prelocation methods: Impulse Reflection Method (TDR), Secondary/Multiple Impulse Method (SIM/MIM),Impulse Current Method (ICM), Decay method, Murray Bridge Method, Glaser Bridge Method.
  • Application of  Fault Pin-Pointing methods: Acoustic Fault Location, Step Voltage Method, Twist Method.

Additional tests and measurements:

  • Cable / Phase Identification
  • Cable Route Tracing
  • Cable continuity test
  • Cable Positive and Zero Sequence Impedance measurements
  • Groung terrain examination prior to excavation works, to detect the presense of  burried cables and metallic networks.